Vox August 26, 2020 Sometime next month, iPhone users will start seeing a new question when they use many of the apps on their devices: Do they want the app to follow them around the internet, tracking their behavior? It’s a simple query, with potentially significant consequences. Apple is trying to single-handedly change the way internet advertising works. That will affect everyone, from Apple’s giant tech rivals — most notably, Facebook, which announced today that it’s fighting back against Apple’s move — to any developer or publisher that uses ad technology to monitor what their app users are doing on the internet. And it affects you, the

CNN August 15, 2020 In February, just weeks after starting as editor in chief of Marie Claire, Aya Kanai jet-setted to Europe for fashion week in Milan and in Paris. It was there that she started planning the magazine's September issue, considering what trends to highlight in what is heralded as fashion magazines' marquee product. Kanai did not know then that so much would change over the next six months. The September issue and all of the other print and online stories leading up to it would be produced, for the most part, from home because of the pandemic — a change that Kanai, for one, welcomed

One Mile at a Time July 31, 2020 The horrible situation that airlines are in is having quite an impact for many suppliers. For example, American Airlines’ nut supplier has a huge surplus, and is selling them directly to consumers. Inflight magazines are in an equally rough situation. They’re typically run by third parties, and rely on advertisers to pay the bills. With the number of travelers way down, circulation of these magazines is also way down. Well, it looks like United Airlines and INK Publishing have a creative solution for this… United Hemispheres Magazine now being mailed United Airlines’ Hemispheres inflight magazine hasn’t been published