Our history

Our history

We’ve always been the leader

Roltek pioneered the distribution of British newspapers & magazines into Southern Ontario during the late 1960’s. We have continued to expand and adapt to changing trends in an industry that is becoming extremely specialized and consolidated.

Roltek International Inc. began in 1967 while its founder was involved in the Truck Air business with the Thomson Family controlled company, McAnally Transport in Toronto. We pioneered the distribution of British Newspapers & Magazines into Southern Ontario during the late 60’s. Lord Ken Thompson was our first home delivery customer.

Roltek provided retail distribution for all British Titles, with the addition of the Financial Times and other notable international publications. Office delivery became the natural and logical extension of the business. Other titles such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Economist, Investors Business Daily and Barrons became our core titles that we continued to build upon. Within a few short years Roltek became the largest office/home delivery distributor of international newspapers and magazines to the Toronto core and business community. By the early 1980s we held that exclusive, captive, high earning audience in the big bank towers in downtown Toronto.

Today, we offer and charge, for a premium value added subscription management service. With our proprietary consolidated billing software we are the one stop shop for hundreds of local and international newspapers and magazines.

The print industry has undergone many changes in the past several years. We continue to expand, evolve and adapt to changing trends and technology in an industry that we believe is becoming extremely specialized.

It is so convenient to have one source for all of the publications we get through Roltek rather than having to deal with multiple publishers.”

Jerry Gerard, Information Services Officer
CPA Canada