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Forbes By Tony Silber - March 13, 2019 The Economist today announced a repositioning of its lifestyle publication 1843, reducing its print circulation and making content available in its The Economist Classic app. The brand, launched initially in April 2016, is rolling out a redesign of the magazine and logo, and a rethinking of the content, as well as transitioning to a multi-platform posture. If The Economist is about business, politics and the global economy, and how those things intersect, then 1843 gives readers journalism and great photography about the worlds of design, style, food, and travel, while retaining the parent magazine’s wit, rigor and irreverence, the brands content and business leaders

Axios By Mike Allen - March 13, 2019 Every mile, every block, every inch of pavement driven by a Tesla vehicle generates a trove of information that can reveal as much about you as about your car, Axios autonomous vehicles correspondent Joann Muller writes from Detroit: Why it matters: Tesla is more of a tech company than a car company. And because data is critical to self-driving cars, it has designed its vehicles from the outset to be sophisticated rolling computers. As all cars get smarter and more automated, the data they collect will unlock new conveniences for drivers — but also rob them of privacy. Most modern

MediaInsider By Maarten Albarda - March 8, 2019 Forgive me for harping on again about ad fraud, but it seems the war against this industry-wide issue is unwinnable. MediaPost’s Laurie Sullivan wrote about the current state of ad fraud this week: “About three-quarters of U.S. fraudulent advertising traffic is ‘sophisticated’ invalid traffic, according to data released Tuesday.  “Looking at IP and blacklists no longer works, said Guy Tytunovich, CHEQ founder-CEO, and a former Israeli military intelligence officer. Tytunovich called ad fraud the second-largest organized-crime scheme globally, in terms of revenue generated, including narcotics.” We can argue about the numbers: Perhaps it is less than 50

Folio Magazine By Greg Dool - February 28, 2019 Test kitchens have long played an all-important role as gatekeepers to shelter and food magazines—the grounds on which all recipes must prove themselves before publication. But far beyond just reader-submitted dishes, magazine test kitchens across the country are now cooking up business opportunities for their increasingly digital-savvy parent brands. In Birmingham, Ala., Meredith Corp.’s three-year-old Food Studios boasts some 28 test kitchens, 13 photo and video studios and a separate tasting room that doubles as an events space. In Milwaukee, Taste of Home‘s test kitchen recently became the launching pad for a new direct-to-consumer branded coffee line, Taste

Industry Insiders By Rob Keenan - February 28, 2019 As members of the B2B media sector, we’re always on the hunt for new ways to engage our audience – especially the millennial generation. From events to videos to remarketing schemes, we’re continually looking for ways to break down the four walls that make up our websites and meet our audiences where they are. While there are many approaches, one content delivery tool is re-emerging and has become key to engaging B2B audience members. That tool is the podcast, and it is opening the door for our brands to reach listeners in their cars, at